SafetyMOB – Wireless Man Overboard Monitoring System MOB

SafePort Marines SafetyMOB system is a personal man overboard MOB alarm system consisting of a transponder that is attached to the crew member and a boat unit that is mounted in the boat. If a crew member who carries a transponder falls overboard an audible alarm will sound from the connected electronic siren.

Ease of installation
Installing a SafetyMOB central unit is relatively easy and can be performed by “DIY”.

SafetyMOB-MOB1 consists of a base unit and one transponder unit.
SafetyMOB-MOB2 consists of a base unit and two transponder unit.

Price SafetyMOB – MOB1 : € 179.00 incl VAT.
Price SafetyMOB – MOB2 : € 235.00 incl VAT.
Price SafetyMOB – TAG extra transponder unit: € 69:- incl VAT.

Technical specification

Boat unit
Operating voltage: 10-16V DC
Current consumption: 10mA
Indicator light: 100mA/12V
Protection: IP66
Dimension: 76x53x13 mm
Electronic siren: 110dB

Helm unit
Battery: CR2032 3V Lithium
Operating time: exceeding 1 year
Range: 10-15m
Opeating temp: -20 to+50 deg C
Weight: 25g
Protection: IPX7
Dimensions: 60x30x11 mm

Made in Sweden.

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